Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tomatillo papalo salsa

So, if you saw my garden blog entry today, you'd see quite a major insect infestation. I'm led to believe these are assassin bugs, which are beneficials (devouring plant pests) ... but it made me a little nervous about the future of my tomatillos. Some tiny ones are already coming out of their husks and I'm not sure what to do. I had fantasies of canning up oodles of tomatillo salsa to get me through the winter (I love green salsa), but that might not happen. Further, my papalo is almost as tall as me and it's only good fresh - can't cook it.

So ... when life gives you assassin bugs, make salsa!

1/2 pound husked tomatillos - boiled (about 10 minutes) or roasted until starting to blacken (I will probably cut them in half and put on the grill - but because so many are tiny, they'll need to go in a container or a pan)

Chop those up with:

onion (maybe 1/2 red)
garlic (3-5 cloves)
jalapeno or other peppers, stemmed and deseeded (2-5 - depending on the pepper heat and size)
lime juice and salt & pepper to taste
papalo - I'll start with a small amount and add in gently - it's a distinct taste so don't want to overpower

a little sugar and/or water if necessary

I'll eat the salsa with black beans, but it'd be splendid with chips or quesadilla (oh ... actually, that sounds really good ...)

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