Friday, September 18, 2009

All Together Now!

I think I'm going to try the onion/zucchini sauté this weekend, and I'm thinking:

What if I slow-cooked chicken in advance to eat with it? That'd make, like, a meal, right?

I teach from 3-6 most days this term. Could I put some chicken breasts in a crock pot at 2 and have them ready by the time I get back and sauté the veggies--say around 7? Is that enough time to cook?

Now, suppose I wanted to eat something like a potato with all this? Could I pop a few of those pretty red and blue ones in with the chicken? Would they cook at about the same rate?

Goodness! Is all cooking this exhilarating?!

1 comment:

  1. I don't recommend slow cooking chicken breasts - they're way too dry. Sorry. You'd need to put them in a sauce. The whole chicken is magic because it's whole and the moisture of the bones & dark meat create moisture.

    Check out Stephanie at crockpot365 on the blogroll - she has a ton of great crockpot recipes with good times (my crockpot is hot so I'm always off a little).

    But generally, yes, 5 hours could be a great amount of time!

    I find potatoes get pretty mushy in a slow cooker, but it's trial and error for you and what you like.

    do you have a grill? Because you could marinade chicken breasts all day and then just fire up the grill when you get home and cook up the zucc while the chicken is cooking and that would be a meal!

    Hey, check out her Indian butter chicken recipe (chicken makhani) - I get RAVE reviews on that every time I make it.