Sunday, September 20, 2009

curried okra with chickpeas

So, I made "Hyderbadi-style" okra and it was ok. Who knew I wasn't a fan of amchur powder? It's dried green mango and adds a little acid balance (lemon juice can be substituted, I've read). I usually add it with many other things so its flavor doesn't come through. It's really the aroma that I don't like - it's prevalent in many Indian restaurants and shops. It smells ... I can't describe it. Almost like stale smoke-less incense. So this recipe really focused more on the amchur powder, and so now I know.

Anyway, my favorite part is the okra. I slice it into maybe 1-2" segments and saute it alone and can I just say again HOW MUCH I LOVE OKRA. I just can't get enough.

Next time I will try based on this recipe, adding some chickpeas. They're also a nutritional powerhouse - and cheap. I will fiddle with the spices though - not crazy of the curry mix I have now. Probably needs more cumin and coriander. I might try to get some fresh curry leaves and try that.

OK, grow, okra, grow! It'd be great if I could harvest enough to also pickle ... but that's looking doubtful at this point because I could eat it fried every day every meal until the end of the season ...


  1. I have yet to try okra! I don't think I've had it before yet. What does it taste closest to?

  2. Oh, okra is soooo wonderful.

    I don't know how to describe the taste ... maybe a little like zucchini? But very different.

    The texture is what makes it so magical for people - it thickens up stews and such. And I do really like it for that, but I also like it just sauteed and not gooey. Plus there are tricks to make it not so gooey (use a sharp knife, don't make the pieces too small, have some acid in the dish).

  3. But definitely the fresh is best for sauteeing - if you see it at the market, get some and try!