Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was never a fan of salt; grew up without it and never missed it. When people would salt food and I tasted it, I never liked it.

And then I found sea salt, and the heavens opened up and angels sang.

Seriously. That iodized Morton's style crap - get rid of it! It has a heavy metallic taste and just covers up the good flavors of food.

Sea salt? It enhances the flavors, working with them. It's mellow and subtle, not harsh and screaming like the iodized stuff.

I also need to try kosher salt - I'm told that's very good. I look forward to trying some different types as well, including pink and black, and fleur de sel.

So, I'm no salt connoisseur yet, but I highly recommend that you enlarge your vision of salt.

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