Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lassi love

Mango lassis are popular in Indian restaurants and for good reason: super yummy! I think of it as dessert after a light meal or a meal itself if I'm not really hungry.

I find that little cools me down in hot humid weather like hot tea or a mango lassi. Hey, those Indian people knew what they were doing.

There are lots of recipes on-line and they mostly revolve around yogurt and fruit. Can add milk, sugar, cardamom, ice. Look, if it tastes good, then you've made it right.

I think it's best if the mango is at least mostly thawed - better flavor. My yogurt is really thick (made it myself and strained it) so I added milk. No sugar or cardamom though. I add ice for substance.

The Magic Bullet is perfect for this.

Almost out of mango so next time I'll use raspberries and then other fruit (bananas are good). I might also try to grind some almonds into it.


  1. Mmmm!!! =) Post your favorite recipe here when you choose one...=) I can't have mango for now, but after the baby is born, I can. =) And we have a Magic Bullet. It's pretty good - my mom has it for now though. =)

  2. Why can't you have mangos while pregnant? You can use any other fruit as well.

    Well, I just do mostly yogurt, maybe half that amount of milk (depending on how thick yogurt is), as much mango as looks good or I have, a few ice cubes and give it a whirl. I don't measure or get fancy at all.

    I use frozen mango because the skins of fresh mangoes make me break out.

  3. Maybe it's Asian superstition...no mangos, as it's bad for the babies skin - can cause some skin problems later on. And it's interesting, because people I know that are allergic to mango usually get some sort of skin problem when they eat it. =P It's less of the tropical fruits, and more of moderation than absolute abstinence from its fruity goodness, so I just limit.

    But I LOVE mango flavored things, hee hee....=)

    Maybe raspberries...=)