Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Delicious Home-Made Cooking--It's Working!

I made a short-term culinary goal to try the sautéed zucchini recipe posted earlier.
Today I bought 2 zucchinis, 2 yellow squash, and 1 onion. I also bought more mushrooms because they make me melt.
My plan was to sauté them all and add them to a salad, hopefully with a few strips of steak.
The sautéing was easy, as promised. It all turned out great--and the earlier post about different oils was very helpful, too--even though I ended up using butter.
I discovered a strategy that might work for a while until I build my chops in the kitchen: To satisfy my meat craving, I went to the deli and just bought a slice of cooked tri-tip. It only cost me 2 dollars, it will last me 2 meals, and it gave me time to concentrate on the veggie recipe. I always assumed the deli and other specialty sections of the grocery store were too expensive and therefore off-limits, but if buying smaller portions of well-made, cooked food encourages me to cook and eat vegetables, then I think it's worth it for the sake of my health and education. And it really wasn't expensive at all, especially buying for just one.
Who knows what secrets await me in other sections of the grocery store! I can tell I'll be a food shopping pro in no time!


  1. Mmm! I like the deli counter - we'll buy small portions of good meat once in a while, and good cheeze (provolone! mmm!) for my sandwiches, and it's not too costly cuz we don't get a whole lot...and it's tasty! ^_^ Deli-delicious! =)

  2. Good tip!

    and I think butter is heavenly with zucchini and mushrooms - just cook on lower heat.

  3. You know, some lemon pepper or some freshly grated parmesan might be nice on the zucchini too. I season good fresh vegs lightly, but if you have those on hand it could be yummy.