Saturday, December 19, 2009


I apologize to anybody wanting directions to make hummus - I don't measure. I taste, and because I've made hummus dozens of times I eyeball. There are myriad recipes and they're all pretty similar but with different measurements, and you just have to try it and see what you like best.
  • garbanzo beans. I always soak and cook them myself - not only is that cheaper than cans (and create less waste), but their texture is better because I cook them for a long time. Garbanzos don't overcook though - and I tell you this after cooking some for about 9 hours today. I soak them overnight and then cook them in the slow cooker - high if I'm home, low if not (with plenty of water). I do love the smell! I make a whole crockpot full because I might as well if I'm using the electricity, and I make a TON of hummus and freeze it in containers to have for months until the next batch.
  • lemon juice (fresh is best)
  • sesame tahini (when what I have is gone, I'm going to try to make my own)
  • olive oil
These are the key ingredients to get texture and taste right. I like to grind in a food processor and then a blender - this gets it very smooth. It's a bit of work, especially when I make 4 quarts of garbanzos and have to do a few batches. But again, now I won't have to make hummus again for months.

Other things to add to taste:
  • green onions
  • garlic (I always put in a TON of garlic, and since I usually eat pita & hummus for breakfast, it can have a little bite - so this time I tried cooking cloves & green onions in with the garbanzos) (Know too that the garlic flavor ripens - it may taste bland, but after sitting for awhile the garlic will be like WOWZA! - so be gentle)
  • cumin
  • salt
  • roasted peppers (I really like roasted anaheim peppers, and a lot of them, but last time when I did a taste test with friends I heard more favorable results with roasted red peppers)
  • Whatever your heart desires! (sundried tomatoes, chipotle, cilantro, pepper, paprika, cayenne, parsley ...)
When you serve it, it's nice to have some whole garbanzos to scatter, then a sprinkle of paprika and a glug of olive oil.

I have a hard time with breakfast foods, and pita & hummus is a perfect one for me so I freeze up batches of hummus and a dozen pita at a time. Hummus can be pretty darned expensive in its own tubs at the store so you can really save money by making your own - plus then you can make it just how you want it, and awe and amaze your friends if you accompany it with homemade pita bread. Nobody dislikes the woman who brings the homemade bread.


  1. Oooo...yummy! And they're freezable! Yes! Me wants to try this next week! =)

  2. I just made ten containers! Should keep me for awhile! :)