Saturday, October 3, 2009


The second time I tried out my new sautee skills, I was put in my place. I sat too long on the mushrooms, and by the time I was ready to cook with them, they were too gone. My heat was a tad too high, so the squash and zucchini were browned in places--not as tasty as the first time, and not as good without their mushroom friends. I also got bored of eating my leftovers that week.
It all felt like the anti-climax after teaching a new course: So much preparation and thoughtful energy spent and after that first, fantastic lesson is over and done with, you realize you have to do it all over again fifty more times.
In any case, time to try a new dish, I think.
One dinnertime hurdle I'm dealing with right now is the change of seasons. The highs have been boomeranging a gamut of about 40 degrees for the past week. That makes it hard to think about what one would like to eat. A salad sounds great one day, but the next day, chilly temperatures have me craving soups and stews.
Think I'll troll the site for some ideas--maybe pasta?

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  1. If craving chili, the black bean chili I think I posted is really great - guests always love it - and it freezes well.

    Still hot and humid here and I'm just about fed up with that nonsense. Makes me not want to eat at all.

    Get thee to a farmers market and let them tempt you with luscious local goodness - that'll help you with the seasonality.