Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eating on the go

The thing about food is that you have to think about it constantly. As soon as one meal's finished, it's time to start thinking about the next. Some days, I wouldn't mind having a food tablet I could just swallow with water to take care of my hunger and nutrition without spending time and energy thinking about it.
It's been a busy week, and I've been eating on the go. Buying lunch at work, and eating fast food in my car (parked!) because there's no time to go home before rushing to (insert extracurricular activity here). It's not satisfying.
Part of my education here on this blog is remembering to schedule time in not only to cook food, but making time to buy it, and before that, spending time thinking about what foods I'm going to buy.
Going after a good relationship with food, I think, will change my whole lifestyle--slow it down some. Which is a good thing. It's making me think about my health first--not only in terms of nutrition, but in terms of time. I think making my meals--which if done thoughtfully enough, is kind of meditative--will actually help me cut out other stressers.
No time for BS--girl's gotta eat! Well!


  1. I soooo hear you! I've been so busy too and facing the same issues.

    You know, I do think this is harder alone. When I lived with Sabine I'd come home after a long day and she'd usually have something left over to share. And when I have time I cook enough for a dozen lumberjacks so am always happy to share with roommates/friends.

    One thing I've done is adjust my notion of meals. Frequently a "meal" is yogurt/fruit/granola or satsumas & almonds. If I get one really substantial meal a day, then that's ok. And if I cook only two times a week and have leftovers the other days, that's possible. Though of course now I don't even have that time ...

  2. I can totally relate! I would love to slow down my eating as well. My bigest accomplishment in that area is not watching tv while I eat. Instead I read or just look out the window...

  3. I like this post - I understand the busy-ness too, but yep...forming that relationship with food and the kitchen does slow things down, and our world sometimes just. needs. to. slow. down. =) Not just the eating part, but the preparation of the food itself.

    I'd be sad if food pills existed...it takes away the fun of savoring each bite and letting the flavors tingle with our tastebuds. =)