Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tamale pie in the slow cooker

From Stephanie's wonderful crockpotting blog.

Mix these all together. Spray cooking spray in crockpot and put in filling.

*black beans (sorry, I never measure, I'm guessing about 3-4 cups?; you could use a couple cans, or as I did - soak overnight then cook a few hours in the slow cooker - I season with cumin, basil, and oregano)
*corn (a can, drained, or frozen - I used about a cup but can vary)
*canned tomatoes (I used a can of Ro-Tel [generic] and about 1/3 can of diced tomatoes)
*onion (I sprinkled a bunch of dried minced onion that a friend left, but could use fresh chopped)
*cheese - about 1/2 c, shredded (can be omitted - not sure it really added anything)
*chili powder - 1 T
*cumin - 1 tsp (depending on seasoning of beans - if they're not seasoned, amp these up)
*paprika - 1/2 tsp

I followed Stephanie's directions and I think it made too much topping, so I would halve this next time:
*corn meal - 3/4 c
*flour - 1 1/4 c (I used about 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and 3/4 c white)
*baking powder - 1 tsp)
*a little bit of sugar (maybe 1 T)
*1 c milk (rice milk was fine)
*1 egg

Combine dry ingredients, then add wet. Put on top of filling, and cook.

On high, in my pretty hot crockpot, it was done in about 4 hours. The top middle didn't really brown, but it got hard so that's good enough. It did stick to the crock, so spraying is worth it.

Comments -
As I said above, I'd cut the topping in half or so. The filling is really open to variation and you could throw in different vegetables and beans in whatever quantity.

In addition to the beans, you could add browned ground meat. If you don't brown, you could deal with a grease situation so I'd brown first; I think buffalo would be great.

It was pretty good, especially on a chilly day, and I hope it freezes well!

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