Thursday, November 26, 2009

carbo loading: how I know I'm a Yankee

I've always thought of Thanksgiving as a carbohydrate-loaded meal: stuffing, potatoes, rolls, pies, and various topping on various sides. Not a holiday for Dr. Atkins.

That said, I had no idea how truly carb intensive it is until I moved to the South. Because on top of all those things, there are the traditions of potato salad and baked macaroni! It boggles the mind!

To me, potato salad = Fourth of July and macaroni & cheese = from a blue box for a picky child. I lived on Kraft mac & cheese in my tween years because I didn't like my parents' cooking and I was semi-vegetarian - and oh yeah, I was a pain in the ass. I grew out of the blue box and recognize mac & cheese for what it is - a heart-stopping, artery-clogging extreme indulgence for only the most special of occasions. To eat it on the same day as pecan pie and sweet potatoes loaded with butter and deep-fried turkey - well, it seems INSANE.

And that, my friends, is life in the South.

L called me the other day as her personal bread-making hotline, and when I talked about taking the Oregon bar exam she said, "You cannot leave! The food in Oregon must be horrible!"

Horrible, I wouldn't say. But lower-fat, I will agree. :)

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