Sunday, November 8, 2009


How does everyone feel about buying special ingredients for one recipe, knowing that the extra ingredients will probably not get used beyond the one recipe? Does it deter you entirely from making the recipe in the first place?


  1. what's the ingredient? I find there are very few things that I really can't use for something else - especially with the power of the google search.

    Also, is there the possibility of buying a small amount? That's what I used to do. Either that, or give the leftover to Sabine, whom you know will have 37 different usages for anything. Actually, that's the strategy I employ most often ... I even am mailing her this week an ingredient I bought but didn't like.

  2. Marsala wine (from last week) and bread crumbs (potentially this week, if I end up making meat balls). I have to meditate on it a bit more.
    But of course, Sabine is an excellent way to pawn off food!