Saturday, November 21, 2009

bacon grease

I've always been frugal, but my current economic situation makes me take it just a step further.

When I made broccoli salad, I was shocked at how much grease came from the bacon that I fried up. I was frustrated because I don't buy the cheap crap - I got it on sale, but I got the kind without nitrates, not so processed, from "natural" farm. When I fried up the whole package, there wasn't that much bacon to use and freeze, and that bummed me out. But there was a whole lot of grease.

I tried to throw the grease away but when I put it in a plastic container of course it melted the container and spilled all over my back porch. So I poured it into a glass container, but then I got to thinking ... and next thing you know, I'm cooking eggs and vegetables in it. I haven't yet baked with it as an ingredient, but that might be next. The thing is that butter and oil are expensive, especially if you're trying to avoid GMOs and rGBH and THC and TNT.

Next time I'll think it through and drain it through a paper towel. Honestly I very rarely cook bacon, but this might make me more willing.

And yes, I feel like a proverbial Plains Indian, using all of the buffalo.


  1. Bacon grease freezes really well, and makes to die for caramelized onions. ;) And I've used it in baking, though I use about 1/3 less chilled bacon grease than the recipe calls for if it's using butter, since butter isn't 100% fat. Hahaha, "using all of the buffalo." I hate throwing food away....

  2. Oh good tips Erica, especially about using less than butter (and I was at this very moment ready about Plugra and how butter is usually only 80% fat because of water content).


  3. Mmm...bacon grease...I LOVE it! =) Haven't had bacon in a long while, but whenever we do, I save the grease too. =)