Saturday, January 2, 2010

not the best broccoli of my life

Winter is the season of roasting vegetables in my kitchen, and I'm seriously enamored with them all.

So today I thought I'd try broccoli, based on this recipe.


Wasn't crazy about the lemon zest so didn't juice, and didn't add yet more olive oil or pine nuts. That's just too busy and I don't need all that fat (some fat, yes; a Greek village's daily serving of fat, no). I think most vegetables need one good spice, and I'll be experimenting to find what broccoli's is. Because there has to be something out there that goes SHAZAMM! like cumin with cauliflower does. Of course cumin is polyamorous and might also work well with broccoli.

And yes, my favorite parts are the burnt bits and edges ... and I know that they're carcinogenic, but I'm eating them with BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER. Seriously - doesn't that cancel out?

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  1. Oh polyamorous cumin, how I adore your free-lovin' ways...