Saturday, August 29, 2009


fresh mint
(Cumin, salt, pepper, cayenne, or other herbs/spices as desired)


Yes, it's that simple! I had some lovely Persian cucumbers I picked up last week. Those, or English style cucumber, or baby pickling cukes are all good for this. Or the regular kind (especially if home grown!), but I would peel that unless it's really young and the peel is soft.

Chop up the cucumbers (if not Persian, you might want to scrape out the seeds & soft stuff around the seeds which can be bitter) - with Persians I just slice; with regular cukes I do half moons.

Mix with a good amount of yogurt.

Chop up some fresh mint (not too much - just a light taste; I really like the mint that Ahmed brought from Jordan; much American mint is too strong), stir and enjoy!

I don't put in any other spices because I like the simplicity of the tastes with just cucumber, yogurt, and mint.

It's great alone as a light meal/snack, or as a side to a spicy meal (especially Indian food).

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  1. Mmm! I love persian cucumbers...they're delicious and fresh! =) I've been back at school...little time to put up recipes lately. Boo. =( But I will when I get a chance to cook again! =) I got my dim sum book in the mail, so I'll be experimenting soon I hope! =)