Tuesday, November 20, 2012

malbec and moscato

I am obsessed with these two types of wine: malbec & moscato. Everything else is swill to me.  But I go to shop and can never remember which brands were especially good, so I hope to keep a record here.

First, they have to be from Mendoza, Argentina.  Anything else is crap.  Here is a list of wines I should think of trying.

Layer Cake - this is very good.  I like it much.

Alamos - I like this.  Antonio agreed, Sonia didn't.

Trivento - I really don't like the aftertaste to this one.  Like varnish. Sonia's favorite, though, and Antonio also liked it much.

Bodego Elena de Mendoza - tasted cheap.  Which it is.




MOSCATO - from Italy, please.  Trying to decide on my favorite region.


Riondo - this one is too sweet after-work sipping. Cloyingly sweet, really.

Voga (in a non-traditional bottle)

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