Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almond Tofu Jello

Don't get scared by the name - there's no tofu in this deliciously light and refreshing dessert! It's basically almond flavored gelatin that looks white because of its ingredients. It's one of my favorite desserts, and I eat it as it is (my brother too...who can eat bowlfuls at a time!), but it's also great on top of a giant scoop of shaved ice drenched in condensed milk. ^_^

This just so happens to be a special recipe. Most of the time, if you buy the almond jello tofu box to make at home, from a regular Chinese grocery store, it's made with a different type of gelatin, a type of agar...something that is denser in texture and chewier. The texture of this one is silky and soft, and many who've tried it say they always like this version better. I hope you will too!

4 Packets of KNOX unflavored gelatin
1 Can (12 oz) of evaporated milk
1.5 Cups of sugar
4 tsp. almond extract
4 Cups of hot, boiling water
2 Cups of cold water
1 Large Can of fruit cocktail (keep the syrup!)

You'll definitely need:
1 9x13 inch glass pan

I've found this to be the perfect size, however, anything that will hold the gelatin will suffice. Glass is preferred because you'll have to slice the gelatin into blocks, and cutting up your metal bakeware is probably not ideal!

You can also make these in little cups, and serve with just a dollop of the fruit cocktail and syrup on top, like in the picture above. =) A lot of Asian restaurants will do that because it's quick and simple to portion out to their guests.


1. Mix the cold water into the gelatin well in your glass pan.

2. Add and stir in the hot water to dissolve the gelatin crystals. Add the sugar till dissolved.

3. Add the almond extract. Stir.

4. Place in the refrigerator, and then add the evaporated milk and mix gently. Because the dish gets very full after adding the milk, it's wise to put the pan into the fridge first!

5. Refrigerate until firm, about 2-3 hours. I usually tend to make this in the morning or at night, and then check on it towards dessert time or when I get up, so it's definitely had enough time to set. It's best to make this ahead of time, as there's absolutely no loss in flavor. =)

6. Cut into square blocks, about 1-2" cubes, so it looks like tofu. =) Serve mixed with fruit cocktail in its syrup. Keeps well for the week, but well, it never lasts that long...=)


  1. Ah, I miss this - it's so yummy! Need an excuse to make it!

    Do they usually sell almond extract in Asian stores? I'll look for it - otherwise it's so expensive.

  2. you can buy the almond extract at walmart.

    is there a substitution for evaporated milk?